· Parzzix

I have to use Windows everyday for work. Sometimes I embrace it and others I try to avoid it. No matter who is doing the smack talking, it's not as bad as folks say imho. Now the tracking and telemetry is going on of course, but I have found ways around most of that.

Last night I just did a fresh install, which I tend to do every few months. This happens partially out of boredom and also to just clean things up. At these times I tend to spend a lot of time on Windows after the fact. Things are fresh and running smooth, its a good time to experiment with new things, and to just mess around.

In the end, though I love Linux, I do think in many ways Windows is better. If we could get rid of the tracking and mandatory use of a Microsoft account, I am sure it would end up being my daily driver.

Minus the OS, I'm still running mainly opensource offerings, Libreoffice, Thunderbird, Brave, Standard Notes, Gimp, VLC, and some others. It's not the worst thing ever.

Also, many of the things I'm into whether Nostr, Bitcoin, or other newer tech, come first on Windows and are usually easy to install and test. The more and more I think of it, Windows just isn't that bad.