The redirects

· Parzzix

Today I decided to install some new services on my VPS to avoid some silos. I like to follow a lot of stuff that usually ends up sending me to YouTube, X, or Reddit. I needed to circumvent that.

# Invidious

The first is YouTube, which started this all this morning. I recieved an email from a site I follow and they said they started a new podcast, it was on YouTube. I will not get into how if it's on YouTube it's not a podcast. Either way, I wanted to partake but didn't want to go to the tubes. Instead I installed Invideous on my server which is an alternative front-end to YouTube. It allows me to watch the videos and subscribe to channels Google free.

# Nitter

As you could guess Nitter is the same thing but for Twitter(X). This way when a news story sends me to a twitter link I can avoid that beast entirely.

# Libreddit

Again the same, though I rarely use reddit, I feel it completes the set.

# Wishes

I would love to see the same thing for the Meta Properties(Instagram, Facebook, and Threads) and TikTok. Maybe it will exist some day.