Selfhosting equals headaches

· Parzzix

Just a few weeks ago I went to self host a bunch of services for myself. And in just a few weeks I have given up. I was battered with service issues. I had to keep restarting the server, eventually that didn't work either. I then decided it just wasn't worth it. Not to mention it is cheaper to use other's services.

I had 2 VPSs going. One had Mastodon, FreshRSS, Gitea, Invidious, TheLounge, and a couple other services. The second was my mail server. And let me note, the mailserver actually was running great, but the fear of seeing the same issues and losing mail made me decide to let someone else do it.

So my mail is back on Proton, along with calendar. I have Etesync for contacts since Proton hasn't broken that out to a second app. Newsblur is my RSS reader of choice, I'm quite happy with it. I have also subscrubed to SourceHut which gives me an IRC bouncer and a place for git repos outside of Github. Like I said, it ends up being a little cheaper also, that is if you are willing to do one or two year subscriptions for a discount.

I think I have lost the self hosting bug for the moment, I'm sure it will come back sooner or later. But for now I'm content.