The grass isnt always greener challenge

· Parzzix

How often do I see some new shiny thing and suddenly have this urge to redo my whole technical life because of it? I’ve used every Linux Distro, most desktops and window managers, email client and service, mobile platform, mobile OS, and on and on.

I can be so easily moved. These days I’m really trying to resist it. I want to stick with the same tools for an extended period of time. The problem being I regret. For example, right now I’m running the Gnome desktop, but Plasma 6 is coming out really soon, I have a horrible urge to switch to KDE. At the same time, I realize every time I switch to KDE I tend to go back to Gnome. But it’s so fancy! Damnit!

I wonder how long I can last on the same distro, with the same desktop. Also the same email services I have at this moment? I think I am going to give it a go. How long can I stay in this configuration? Let’s list where I’m at right now.

I think those will be the main thing I try to keep stable. New tools may come in, if they are literally new, for a new task. Otherwise I’m going to try to stick to these.

So on this day, January 3, 2024, I vow to stick to the above list as long as humanly possible. All witnessing this need to call me out when you see a change.