Taking Nextcloud seriously

· Parzzix

As of late I have been thinking more and more of making use of NextCloud as my main online file receptacle. I currently use pCloud which is a good service I really like, but the idea of having almost complete control over things is appealing. I do have some roadblocks though.

# The Roadblocks

I do not have the budget to purchase a server outright let alone a NAS or something to back it up. This leads me to think of a hosted provider or VPS. I actually do have Nextcloud running at this time on a VPS using Yunohost, but I do not rely on it at all. I worry about data loss to much and wonder if it should be it's own server/vps and not be shared with other services. This would lead me to a paid provider that specializes in Nextcloud handling most of the backend stuff. Each one has it's pros and cons. I am typing this out to help me think harder on it and hopefully get input from the two people who may actually read this.

Option 1: Selfhosted in house

Option 2: A VPS

Option3: Hosted

As far as option 2 and 3 go, for security I know there are things like Cryptomator which would help me secure the most important data.

To be honest, at this time I lean towards hosted. It leaves me with the least amount of worry, and support if I need it. I wonder what everyone else out there does and how much faith you put in it. I do hate the big providers, but at the same time I do have faith in their ability to not lose my data. Please share your ideas and thoughts.

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