New journal with jrnl

· Parzzix

Throughout the years I have used many electronic journals or journal systems. I am never quite happy with them. A long time ago I discovered a little command line app called jrnl. I played with it a little and left it alone. Today, I have reinstalled it.

Jrnl basically lets you record thoughts, ideas, or anything else you want to write into a simple text file. You simply type jrnl and then go ahead and start writing your post. When complete it throws it into what appears to be a never ending text file. Today I learned you can also do folders or more organization, which I decided to try out. The only problem I see with folders is if I wanted to conolidate everything chronologically for printing someday, it may be hard to put back together.

My last step I am trying to figure out is making entries from my phone. I need an easy way to jump into my PC at home so I can do entries on the go from my iPhone. I am assuming I'll use Tailscale, but need a good terminal app for my iPhone.

I guess I will report how this is going in the future. But or now I'm going to sign of and fiddle with stuff some more.