· Parzzix

Well its Monday, another weekend passes way to soon. As usuall my tech world changes and evolves pretty rapidly. I've pretty much moved completely away from Apple, but need to keep my family subscription for the wife and kids. It's much cheaper than keeping one or two services. I myself am in the Android world again and using Spotify for music.

My various servers have been running well and I'm slowly consolidating my services. I'm not sure if I need NextCloud though. It's fun to have it up and running with Collabra for office, but weather I'm actually going to use it is yet to be determined. I am using Tasks, maybe I will find a couple other things I can do on it that justify the cost of running the VPS.

I also have to run updates today, I have some packages on all the servers that need updating. I think I may just choose to do it every Monday, unless some dire patch comes out. I also have to get email going for my girls, so they actually start using it. Not sure if I will have them try roundcube or maybe do something easier.

Well that's it so far today. I know it's boring information, but I just wanted to post something so I don't break the blog at least weekly habit.