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· Parzzix

I've been playing around with things to help me rely less on third party file storage services. I'm trying to get 100% away from iCloud. I also have a lifetime pCloud account, which I consider a lesser evil, but I would still like to minimize it's use.

So, I find NextCloud and Syncthing to be my best options, and I'm using both. I played around a bit, and decided on using Yunohost because I didn't want to work to hard, being lazy and all. I did first setup on an Ubuntu server using the NextCloud snap package. Then I discoverd NextCloud office and Collabra, which I may never use, but I wanted my own Google Docs like thing. This is all pretty easy to setup using Yunohost. Now that it's all setup, this is my home of unimportant(non legal or vital) documents and maybe I'll use it to colaborate with people someday.

Next, I have an old Dell Inspiron I threw a 1tb SSD in and bumped up to 8gb of ram. Unfortunatly it's a 1366x768 display which is unbearable to use. So I installed Ubuntu Sway on it (sway uses the least realestate) and put Syncthing on it. Then threw Syncthing on my main machine. I'm using this old Dell basically as a backup of my photos, music, my blog, and more important docs.

Now, my photos are incredibly important to me, it's my history, my kids, etc... So I still want another backup, so for that I am using Ente as my photo gallery on mobile and another backup.

I'm not sure if this is the ideal setup, but I think it will work for now.